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Tobacco Free Places

Tobacco-free policies are an important step in building a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow. Let’s start by supporting tobacco-free places and getting others on board.

Smoke Free College Toolkit

Speak up, take action and help your campus become a part of the tobacco-free movement! Public health leaders and university faculty, staff and administrators across Arkansas and the country are working with students to create healthy campus environments. We believe that students are the greatest stakeholders in this issue, so the student voice, your voice, needs to be heard even louder. Your leadership can inspire your peers to action and also influence those decision-makers hesitant to implement policy changes. Who better to tell the campus community what you need than you? 

The goal of this toolkit is to provide you with the resources and tools to help you institute a successful tobacco-free campus policy; in other words, to make the changes you want to see on your campus. 

-              Adopted from Tobacco Free College Campus Initiative

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