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Retail Advertising

Big Tobacco spends the bulk of their marketing money at retail stores with price discounts. Tobacco products are placed near candy to trick youth into believing that they are fun and harmless.

Counter Tobacco

A resource for local, state, and federal organizations working to counteract tobacco products sales and marketing at the point of sale. Counter Tobacco also offers Youth Engagement Activities that help youth uncover point-of-sale (POS) issues in their communities. These activities can help tobacco advocates mobilize youth to address and curb tobacco within their communities.

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The goal of STARS is to raise community awareness of Big Tobacco’s successful marketing strategies using retail advertising and promotions. Often referred to as point-of-sale advertising or POS, this type of advertising includes outdoor banners, window signs, counter, floor and ceiling displays, posters, decals, clocks, calendars and much more. Operation Storefront is not designed to single out local merchants. It is an effort to attract attention to tobacco advertising targeting youth, and to expose the industry’s manipulative marketing strategies.

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The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the use of vintage tobacco advertising as décor providing yet another avenue to social norm tobacco products/use. The tobacco industry has initiated a movement to revitalize “vintage” tobacco signage/advertisements/marketing themes that must be addressed/countered by tobacco control programs. This project will make local communities more aware of current tobacco industry tactics to social norm tobacco use.

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