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You possess a powerful voice when it comes to standing up to Big Tobacco. Use it. We've provided you with some exciting, unique ways to engage with fellow youth advocates, inspire others, and spread knowledge. Learn how you can get involved!


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Tobacco-Free Places

Tobacco-free policies are an important step in building a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow. Let’s start by supporting tobacco-free places and getting others on board.

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Retail Advertising

Big Tobacco spends the bulk of their marketing money at retail stores with price discounts. Tobacco products are placed near candy to trick youth into believing that they are fun and harmless.

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Be Loud and Proud

Fight against Big Tobacco! Let Big Tobacco know that you are not a replacement for the people who die from tobacco related illness.

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Ready Set Record Film Festival

On behalf of the Arkansas Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Project Prevent Youth Coalition (PPYC) is excited to announce Ready. Set. Record. Entries for the event will be accepted September 10, 2018, through January 11, 2019.

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My Reason to Write

Every year, students in grades 2-8 use the power of the written word to build awareness about the continued tobacco epidemic, which is the single most preventable cause of disease and death in the United States. The Project Prevent Youth Coalition presents My Reason to Write 2019, “Youth Led. Fact Fed.” to encourage students to write an essay, poem, or song lyrics that inspires classmates, family, or members of their community to join a movement that champions a healthier lifestyle and a brighter future. The activity is open to public and private schools in Arkansas. Participants in grades 2 – 8 may submit their entries electronically. Entries are judged in respective categories and are awarded prizes.

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Did your coalition do something AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, or STUPENDOUS?

Here’s your chance to get props for it. Have your PPYC Advisor (you know, the adult who works with your coalition), complete the Shareable Form at the link below. Each month, the PPYC Youth Advocacy Board will review all Shareable entries and vote on the Shareable Winner.

Shareable winners will be notified via email (PPYC Advisor’s email) and will receive recognition on the PPYC website as well as social media accounts. Members of the winning coalition will also get to keep the Shareable TROPHY for a month!

What are you waiting for? Go! Rid your community of tobacco and nicotine one activity at a time and then, GET YOUR PROPS!

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