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Project Prevent Youth Coalition



You possess a powerful voice when it comes to standing up to Big Tobacco. Use it. We've provided you with some exciting, unique ways to engage with fellow youth advocates, inspire others, and spread knowledge. Learn how you can get involved!


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Join PPYC!

Sign your chapter up now to join the movement, we will be in touch on how you can get involved.


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What We Want

Project Prevent Youth Coalition is aiming for a happy, healthy, and tobacco-free Arkansas.

What We Do

Help educate and raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine use among youth and young adults. You will participate in a number of meetings, programs, and projects in an organized and supported effort to bring about social change and better tobacco-control strategies.

Who We Are

Project Prevent is a youth tobacco prevention initiative of Stamp Out Smoking. By exposing the truth about Big Tobacco and arming you and your peers with knowledge, tools, and power to make informed choices, our goal is to prevent Arkansas youth from smoking or using tobacco products. Project Prevent works year-round to provide events and programs to engage you and your friends in new ways.

What We Did

Project Prevent is just getting started, but we have big plans! PPYC is looking for like-minded youth committed to advocating for tobacco-free communities in Arkansas where we live, work, and play. Just to name a few things, PPYC members will conduct surveys about the advertising from Big Tobacco or clean up their community to be free of tobacco litter.