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What is Ready Set Record?

On behalf of the Arkansas Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Project Prevent Youth Coalition (PPYC) is proud to announce Ready. Set. Record. Entries for the event, formerly known as Big Pitch, will be accepted September 11, 2017, through January 8, 2018.
Ready. Set. Record. addresses many Arkansas educational standards, such as the Speaking and Listening Common Core State Standard for English Language Arts for secondary students. Ready. Set. Record. also asks students to “make strategic use of digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, visual and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning and evidence, and to add interest.” (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.11-12.5)


Ready. Set. Record. will demonstrate students’ ability to effectively advocate for a life-saving tobacco prevention policy. Eighth through twelfth grade students wishing to participate in Ready. Set. Record. can by creating a 30-second video. The video must relate to advocating for a tobacco-related community policy like raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21 or making Arkansas’s Clean Indoor Air Act comprehensive.

Videos for tobacco-related community policy will be judged together. Students will compete for First, Second or Third Place in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. Winning videos must incorporate Project Prevent into their work and must include a tag at the end for PPYC. Recipients of First, Second or Third Place will receive a monetary award for each team member. Additionally, the schools they represent will receive a monetary award to purchase media equipment or supplies.

Winning entries will receive their cash and prizes at the PPYC Ready. Set. Record. Awards Show on February 8, 2018. Awards will be given for “Best Actor,” Best Actress,” “Best Editing,” “Rookie of the Year” (for first-time participating schools), “Best Use of Special Effects,” and “Best Behind the Scenes Use of Social Media.”

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My Reason to Write

The My Reason to Write project is one of Stamp Out Smoking’s youth and community activities. Designed to engage Arkansas students in tobacco prevention and cessation efforts and reduce the state’s youth smoking rates, the activity is open to public and private schools in all 75 counties. Participants in grades 2 – 8 may submit their entries through mail, email or through the website. Entries are judged in respective categories and are awarded prizes. The ultimate goal is to educate youth about the dangerous health effects of tobacco and nicotine products; reveal the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics and efforts to target youth; and inspire other students with youth-driven tobacco prevention and cessation messaging.

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